Saturday, 5 June 2010

Photography Post

Lemon in Glass, Loch Lomand
Bumble bees, Hutton in the Forrest
Candles, Koln, Germany
Mussel, Lochinver
Otter, Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre, Wigton
Fun at the Fair, West End festival, Glasgow
Dinosaur City, Frankfurt, Germany
Seaside, Saltcoats, Scotland
Powermove, Amsterdam
Clock Tower, Croft cheese farm, Wigton
Castle, San Marino, Italy
Cathedral, Koln/Collogne
Burst Pipe, Drumchapel, Glasgow
Postbox, Wigton
The Lake District
Botanic Gardens, Glasgow
Cakes at a tea party, GSA
Botanic Gardens, Glasgow
The Boys Playing, My back yard, Carlisle
Urchin and crab, Loch Lomand Aquarium
Apples, Isle of Arran
Emperor Walk, Edinburgh Zoo
Camera Shy, H.Plado, Lochinver

I am also a keen photographer!! love my camera and everyone knows how much of a paparazzi i become once my camera is in site!!

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